Ecology at Holifield Farm

We feel that we have a deep responsibility to the planet and do what we can to find sustainable and regenerative solutions in our day-to-day activities. We are learning - and always open to ideas on how we can go further.

Our new hostel was built using over 90% recycled and reclaimed materials - primarily constructed using rainforest timber salvaged from the Falmouth dock fire of 2003. Solar power heats our water in the summer, and rainwater is collected in our big water tower which we use on our allotment.

We ask that visitors to Holifield try to minimise their impact while here: try to cut out single-use plastic and bring only products that can be recycled - and where possible, cut out unnecessary recyclable waste, such as plastic water bottles. We'll be providing drinks bottles for sale in the season, as well as paper plates for people having food at our Pizza Dock. If you can think of ways we can make it easier to enjoy low-impact stays at Holifield, don't hesitate to let us know.

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